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The impact of the QAR Review on outsourced paraplanning

By April 27, 2023No Comments
The impact of the QAR Review on outsourced paraplanning

As financial planning practices look for ways to optimize their operations, outsourcing paraplanning has become a popular option. With the growing demand for this service, it is important for providers like us to maintain the highest standards in our work. That is why the recent Michelle Levy-led QAR Review has had a significant impact on outsourced paraplanning.

The QAR Review is an independent review of the quality of advice and services provided by financial advisers. It is conducted by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and is designed to ensure that firms are delivering high-quality advice to their clients. The review covers a range of areas, including paraplanning.

One of the key impacts of the QAR Review on outsourced paraplanning is the increased focus on quality. The review has raised the bar for what constitutes good quality paraplanning. It has also led to greater scrutiny of outsourced providers, as firms look to ensure that their partners are meeting these higher standards.

This increased focus on quality is good news for the industry as a whole. It means that firms can be more confident that their outsourced paraplanning is of the highest standard. It also encourages providers to invest in their processes and systems, which can lead to greater efficiency and better outcomes for clients.

Another impact of the QAR Review on outsourced paraplanning is the need for providers to be more transparent. The review has highlighted the importance of clear communication and documentation, both between providers and with their clients. This includes providing detailed reports on the work carried out, as well as clear explanations of any recommendations made.

Overall, the QAR Review has had a positive impact on outsourced paraplanning. It has helped to raise standards and promote greater transparency in the industry. As a result, firms can be more confident in their outsourced partners, and clients can be assured of receiving high-quality advice and services.

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